OV-10 "Bronco" Videos

NEW! National Archives Videos

I located a bunch of VAL-4 movie clips available from the National Archives. Jim Falls went to the National Archive Facility in College Park, Maryland. With a borrowed camcorder and over a period of four days he managed to record a copy of all the VAL-4 films available.
Jim's Report:
'After reading through the description of each film that was listed, and a few more that I found, I narrowed the copying to 25 films. Still, there is quite a bit of duplication of activity, but I wanted to record as many faces as possible. Even in the 25 I copied there is duplication and some of the original filming jumped around. The majority of the films were shot in 1969, although there is a very good one shot in 1970 and three that were made in September of 1971. The one I really wanted to copy could not be found, even after the National Archives did an extensive facility and system search; it was never received at Archives ll and I was told it just "doesn't exist in the system" anymore. According to the listing, it was a patchwork of various other films put together.'
'Seeing the faces as I remember people 45+ years ago was an experience; I suspect you'll have a similar feeling. A suggestion that could add to this project...ask our guys if they have any film (Super 8 for example) they took while in VAL-4. I know "Flash" Leeburn filmed from the cockpit, so there may be some other O's who did as well. - Jim
Quest For Clips

If anyone has any movies that they took of VAL-4 in Vietnam, please Email: Bob so we can get them added to the website.

NEWPersonnelman Mark Spedding converted his 8mm movies to computer-usable format. It's on YouTube now, but will soon be available here as well.
Thanks Mark!

Note: I'm still working on the descriptions but there is enough here for now. Let me know if there any glitches. Winds, Bob
Clips are in .mp4 & .avi format.
Note: Files are big - be patient.
Disc 1 Side 1
March 25, 1969: 23:31 (minutes-seconds) - Saigon and Binh Thuy Arrivals. First 3.5 minutes are dark and quircky - be patient.
   • Video in .MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
Disc 1 Side 2
April 5, 1969: 24:32 - Vung Tau: Squadron arrives in Vietnam. Briefings in Vung Tau; unloading trucks and stowing equipment; planes craned off the boats, opened and towed to the flight line for un-cocooning.
   • Video in .MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
Disc 2 Side 1
April 8, 1969: 28:35 - Vung Tau: More unloading and unwrapping
   • Video in MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
Disc 2 Side 2
April 6, 1969: 24:14 - Vung Tau: Engine Run - crew brief - Skipper Winans leads flight of 5 Broncos.
   • Video in .MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
Disc 3 Side 1
April 9, 1969: 26:12 - Vung Tau - mostly: Depreservation and making the planes ready.
   • Video in .MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
Disc 3 Side 2
April 12, 1969: 27:18 - Binh Thuy: Skipper Winans and Ltjg. Jeff Johnson go flying. Loading M-60s. Pre & Post Flight activities
   • Video in .MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
Disc 4 Side 1
22:13 - Binh Thuy: Pre & Post flight activity
   • Video in .MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
Disc 4 Side 2
25:34 - Binh Thuy: Grey Broncos and some PBR stuff.
   • Video in .MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
Disc 5 Side 1
September 11, 1971: 10:26 - Binh Thuy & grey Broncos. AO Lesson 4 - How to muscle phque a Zuni pod without getting a hernia.
   • Video in .MP4 Format ~    •  Video in .AVI Format
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More VAL-4 Videos
Bill Pippin, the Ballard Family and others have put videos up on YouTube. Here's some of them

The 1997 Reunion Committee Black Pony Video

It's a long - 1 hour and 12 minute (3.6 gb) - video/file. You can watch it online, or right click the link and select "Save As". Time to download will depend on your connection speed. From here on the Island, it's uploading to Go Daddy at the turtle's pace of .0006 gb a second (or one and a half hours to upload). The video was originally sold as a fund raiser, but know one has ordered one in a LLLOOONNNGGGG time - kind of like the prints that Sikorsky has, paid for by the squadron but not generating any revenue. Contributions for the Squadron/Webpage fund are always accepted.
Converted to a 'more streamable' MP4 format, still a 1 gig file, but hopefully it will transfer better. Link to new version. It can also be viewed on You Tube

There Are Plenty Of OV-10 Videos On You Tube. Here Are Links To Some Of Them.
Landing Gear Test
This Is The "Washboard" Video Filmed In 1967. The Wingspan Of The Prototype Aircraft Was 30' ~ That Is 10 Feet Shorter Than The 'A' Models VAL-4 Flew In Vietnam.
Two Minutes ~ Fifteen Seconds ☀ No Sound
OV-10 ~ A-1 ~ CH-53
A USAF OV-10 'Bronco', An A-1 'Skyraider' And A CH-53 "Jolly Green Giant" Helicopter Perform A CSAR Mission In Vietnam
Two Minutes ~ Forty Five Seconds ☀ Sound
Top-Gun Bronco
A Bronco Take Off & Flight Set To The Music Of Top-Gun
Six Minutes ~ Five Seconds ☀ Sound

The Following Videos Are Available For Downlaod From The Webpage. Right Click On The Link And Select 'Save As' Or 'Save Target As'. You Will Need Windows Media Player Or Other Video Software Installed On Your Computer To Be Able To Play Them.

Landing Gear Test
This Is The Landing Gear Test Video. It Is In .avi Format And Should Be Viewable With Most Multi-Media Applications.
Two Minutes ~ Fifteen Seconds ☀ No Sound ☀ File Size: 13.7 Megabytes
Ron Ballard's Movies
Ron Ballard's Son Nick Has Posted Some Of Ron's Movies On UTube. He Is Looking For Help Identifying The Cast Members.
If You Can Identify Anyone Or Tell Him The Puppy Story, EMail Him At: nick@ballardproductions.net
Or Call Him At 310/283-1431 - He Is Also Looking For People To Be Friends With On FaceBook.
Black Pony Slide Show
A Photo Slide Show I Compiled In .WMV Format
Twenty Five Minutes ☀ Sound ☀ 43.3 Megabytes


Other Interesting Videos

For Your Viewing Enjoyment. Here Are Links To Some Other Videos.
US Navy Drill Team
The Navy Drill Team Performing At The Navy Memorial In Washington D.C.
A 6 Minute 45 Second High Quality Video On U-Tube