Dave Erck's 2010 Binh Thuy Videos

Plankowner ATN Dave Erck has made several trips back to Vietnam recently and in April he had a chance to return to the Can Tho - Binh Thuy area. He sent me some videos he took of where we used to live and work. The Air Force Base at Binh Thuy is on the way to become the new Can Tho Airport - but still looks familiar. The aviation side of the Navy Base no longer exists - which is apparent on Google Earth. The PBR side of the base is now a fish cannery and retains some items from it's US Navy days - like the tracks they used to pull boats out of the water on.

I'm posting the videos in Windows Media View (.wmv) format, if you have a problem with them let me know and I'll see what I can do.

My narration is a bit sketchy, but I wasnt given much to go on. If Dave elaborates on any of it, I will post his comments.

✈✈ Binh Thuy Navy Base videos
    The First video shows a view of the runway side of the road across the street from the PBR side.
    The Second video shows a view of what remains of the aviation side of the Naval Support Activity.
    The Third video shows a 360 degree view from just inside the gate on the PBR side.
    The Fourth video shows a 360 degree view of the PBR side from the river bank.
    The Fifth video shows a view of the exit sign over the gate on the PBR side.
    The Sixth video shows a view of the PBR side from a boat Dave hired.

✈✈ Binh Thuy Air Force Base videos
    The First video shows a view of a road somewhere near what used to be the Air Force Base.
    The Second video shows the road leading to the Air Terminal at the new Can Tho Airport.
    The Third video shows a view the air terminal and a plane in the distance - treeline looks familiar.
    The Fourth video shows another view of the plane, treeline and terminal.

✈✈ The New Can Tho Bridge
    The old way to get from Can Tho to Saigon was by ferry. Recently a Japanese built bridge opened
    Here's a video of the bridge from a boat Dave chartered.
    The bridge collapsed during construction, but after payments were made by the Japanese company
    that was building the bridge, the project was completed.
    Check out the traffic crossing the bridge.

✈✈ Brown Water Navy Boats Still Being Used
    By the local citizens as workboats - seen along the river during Daves travels.

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