Pony Pictures From Back In The Day

      Bill Robertson's Vung Tau Photo Collection
     Thanks Bill
Stolen From Charlie Sapp's Facebook Posting
     These are from the Rung Sat. The first one is a small freighter in the shipping channel on the way out to the South China Sea. The second is an ARVN outpost. God, how many times were we called out at night to go all over the Delta to keep these guys from being overrun! The third is a Pony down in the weeds checking out the spider holes. The guy in the back looks like he has a really big chart spread out in the rear cockpit.
     Thanks Charlie
From Steve Bond's Collection
#1 Group Shot On A Grey Bronco - Navy Side

Slide Show
Black Pony Photo Slide Show With Sound

Marty Schuman's Collection
A Selection Of Images From Marty's Extensive Collection

The First Replacement Class
Then And Now - From "Rosie" Rosenberger & Larry Hone

The 1971 VAL-4 "Cruise Book"
  • Cover
  • Page 1        Page 2        Page 3        Page 4        Page 5        Page 6        Page 7
  • Page 8        Page 9        Page 10      Page 11      Page 12      Page 13      Page 14
  • Page 15      Page 16      Page 17      Page 18      Page 19      Page 20      Page 21
  • Page 22      Page 23      Page 24      Page 25      Page 26      Page 27      Page 28
  • Page 29      Page 30      Page 31      Page 32      Page 33      Page 34      Page 35
  • Page 36      Page 37      Page 38      Page 39      Page 40      Page 41      Page 42
  • Page 43      Page 44      Page 45      Page 46      Page 47      Page 48      Page 49
  • Page 50      Page 51      Page 52      Page 53      Page 54      Page 55      Page 56
  • Page 57      Page 58      Page 59      Page 60      Page 61      Page 62      Page 63
  • Page 64      Page 65      Page 66      Page 67      Page 68      Page 69      Page 70
  • Page 71      Page 72      Page 73      Page 74      Page 75      Page 76      Page 77
  • From The Dave Stockley Collection
    #1 Broncos On The Line @ Yuma
    #2 Bronco Takes Off From Navy Binh Thuy
    #3 Bronco Mark IV 20mm Gun Reload
    Boat Riding
    River Patrol On The Bassac River
    The FlightLine Duplex
  • At The Orphanage:
  • Ron Ballard And Kids
    Jean Vargo And Doug Donnelly
    Dave Stockley Visits The Kids

    A Collection From The Family Of Jerry Taylor
    #1 Plankowner ATN Jerry Taylor
    #2 PBR's In Vietnam - Jerry, Bob Guth & ?
    #3 Dave Erck, Our Video Man
    #4 Our Neighbor
    #5 Blair, Jim & Jerry - Binh Thuy R&R
    #6 Unwrapping Broncos In Vung Tau

    The Roy Wiggs Collection - Can You Identify Anybody?
    #1 Is Fred Revell
    #2 Is ?
    #3 Is ?
    #4 Is AME Batson (L)
    #5 Is AME Jim Elias
    #6 Is ATC Bob Lippert
    #8 Is ADJ Art Bowman
    #9 Is YN2 Harold Hanford
    #10 Is YN2 Hanford
    #11 Is Plankowner ADJ Dave Lewis
    #12 Is ?
    #13 Is Marvin Reine AO
    #14 Is Marvin Reine AO
    #16 Is AME Batson
    #17 Is Rodney Fobian - AO Plankowner - Vung Tau
    #18 Is PO2 Moorman
    #19 Is ?
    #20 Is ?
    #21 Is ?
    #22 Is ?
    #23 Is (L-R) AM1 Fred Revell - AM2 ???? - AD1 Johny Johnson
    #24 Is ?
    #25 Is ADJ Abernathy & AK2 Glen Treece
    #26 Is C.L. Smith - AE - Plankowner - Vung Tau
    #27 Is Bob Campbell - Plankowner - Pilot - Vung Tau
    #28 Is ?
    #29 Is ?
    #30 Is John Sanchez - AMS - Binh Thuy
    #31 Is Blair Brown
    #32 Is ?
    #33 Is Ray Hartfield (Left) And Batson
    #35 Is ?
    #36 Is ADJ Rich Schaefer
    #37 Is ATN Jerry Taylor
    #39 Is AMS Asa Tyler
    #42 Is ATN Mike McKean
    #43 Is ATN Mike McKean

    The Fred Revell Collection - Added March 2009
    #1 Bronco Fixin' ~ Names Anyone? L-R:Fred Revell~?~Gary Shellum~Steve Salisbury~Chief Crab??~?
    #2 Bronco On Display For SecNav "Drive By" May 1969
    #3 SHADE!
    #4 Air Em Up
    #5 TiTi - Xmas & Bon Voyage Party ~ December 1969
    #6 @ Binh Thuy AFB ~Fred Revell - Tom Black - Dan Lutes - Bill White
    #7 On The Line @ BT AFB With "Pedro" The Fire Fighting Helicopter
    #8 USO Show

    From The Book: Air War Over Souteast Asia
  • A Pictorial Record 1962 - 1975     By Lou Drendel
  • A Pair Of VAL-4 "Black Ponies" OV-10s Enroute To Targets In South Vietnam
  • Aviation Machinist's Mate Airman Jack L. Riley Draining A Fuel Sump During
  •    A Preflight Inspection Of One Of VAL-4s Bronco Prior To A Mission. (USN)
  • OV10A Bronco Of Light Attack Squadron Four (VAL-4) Takes Off From Vung Tau
  •    Loaded With Rocket Pods. The OV-10 Was Developed During The Early Sixties
       When DOD Planners Were Enamored Of The Counter-Insurgency Role. It Was
       Eventually Adopted By The Marine Corps And USAF. The Navy Flew It In The
       Light Strike Role, While The USAF And The Marines Used It As A FAC And
       Light Observation Aircraft.

    From The Ken Davis Collection - Thanks Chief
  • AMSC Davis And A Bronco
  • AMSC Davis Gets An Award From Cdr. Schuman
  • AMSC Davis Chats With Gregg Morris (Mission Impossible)
  • The Barracks At Navy Binh Thuy
  • Bronco In Front Of Hangar At Navy Binh Thuy
  • Can You Say Ben Xe Moi?
  • Well Say It Again
  • Spooky Our Neighbor - Late Night Light Shows
  • Santa With LCdr Bartlett And Cdr Schuman
  • PR Gustafson With Cdr Schuman And PR Breen
  • Santa With Cdr Klein And Cdr Schuman
  • Orphanage Pics
  • Asa Tyler At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • The Kids At The Orphanage
  • From The John Boumila Collection:
  • Getting One Ready For Take Off
  • Taxiing Out
  • The CO In Pony 1
  • From The Dave Hafermann Collection:
  • Outside The Barracks
  • Same Shot After A Spring Shower
  • Bronco Loaded In Revetment
  • Bronco's Over The Delta
  • From The Ron Pickett Collection:
  • Ron With A Bronco Loaded With CBU's
  • From The Tim Tannheimer Collection: (Added June 24, 99)
  • Getting Ready For Town
  •    AO3 Steve Lemay (Hand In Front Of Face) And AO2 George Asbell.
  • Working On A Motor
  • Ammo Humpin' On The Line
  •    AO3 Tim Heiskill And AO3 Dennis Adams - Tim Is The Blondest.
  • Outside The Barracks
  • On Liberty In Vung Tau
  •    Mike McCarthy - Jim Ray - Jim Barrett And Steve Salisbury
  • Spike One Of Our K-9 Mascots
  • AE Tim Tannheimer Grooming Spike
  • Binh Thuy Flight Line Circa 1970
  • Tim's Room Mate Randy Rose
  • MPC Military Payment Certificate
  • From The Jim Falls Collection:
  • CO Klien In A Hard Break, Sunset Makes It A Great Shot
  • Bravo Det Set Up A Display Of People, Plane And Ammo (It's A Big File)
  • Dec 69 RAG Class with IDs
  • And The Original Photo without the IDs
  • Em Lin & Em Tho At The Vung Tau BOQ
  • Sarg At The Vung Tau BOQ
  • Mustardman Ed Madden - Jim Hardie - Tom McCracken
  • From The Al Fannelli Collection:
  • Plane Captain Al Fannelli On The Flight Line In The Uniform Of The Day
  • ADJ Vince Lecrann And ? Do Daily Maintenance
  • 110 & 111 On The Line
  • Flight Line Duty Office
  • Taxi 106
  • 110 Armed, Running & Ready
  • LST's Brought In Supplies
  • Ski Boats?
  • Sampan Goes By NSA Binh Thuy On The Song Hau (Bassac) River
  • Peace On Earth - Good Will Toward Men
  • 106 Running
  • The Following Pics Come From Ed Pietzuch Of HAL-3, Visit Their Page Too!
  • #3 B&W Pic Of One In Revetment Loaded
  • #4 The ORIGINAL Squadron Patch
  • #5 One In The Air Over The Delta
  • #6 B&W - 2 In The Air Over River
  • From The Larry Hone Collection: (Updated Nov. 24, 98)
  • ADJ's and an AO At Work - ADJ3 Joe Gilliam, ADJ2 Donnie Day, AO3 Jon Lefferts, and ADJ2 Blair Brown Load/Unload Zuni Boxes At Binh Thuy
  • OV-10 In Flight Over South Vietnam - By PHC A.R. Hill - US Navy Photo
  • Zuni Being Launched From A Bronco Somewhere Over South East Asia
  • The Painting The Painting Commissioned By The Naval Aviation Museum
  • Special Delivery Image Of A Painting By R.G. Smith Of Two OV10's In The Clouds Delivering Zuni's
  • Cake Cutting When Verle Klein (Left) Relieved Marty Shuman As CO In March 1970
  • Black Pony One An Excellent Pencil Sketch Of A Bronco In A Revetment - Nov 1969 By R. G. Smith
  • Capt. Butterfield Presents The Painting To VADM Dunleavy For The OP-05 Ready Room August 1990
  • Pete Ford LTJG Type, One Each, April 1970
  • Bill Robb LT Type, One Each, May 1970
  • The Lt.'s And CO Klein Pose With Matching Headgear
  • From The Glenn Dickerson Collection: (Updated May 30, 99) - Thanks Glenn
  • Check Crew Guys - McCarthy, Pentecost, Sinyard, Fowler And Kistner
  • Making Noise At The Firing Range
  • Who Remembers These Leaflets We Used To Drop
  • Glenn's Photos And Don Hawkins Memories
  • Chinook Bringing A Broken Bronco Home To Navy Binh Thuy
  • BIG OOOPS! - 111 Home For Repairs
  • Broke Bronco On The Ramp At Navy Binh Thuy
  • In The Hangar A Close Up Look At The Broke Bronco
  • Flip Side Of The Plane In The Hangar
  • Don Hawkins Recalls:
  •      The date was the first two weeks of January, 1971. I can date it because I had the "Check Crew" at that time but had been in the Philippines when it happened.
         This is the Bronco that had the Pilot's (Lt.jg Ron Beeley) left canopy come open on takeoff. With Lt.jg Lynn Henish in the back seat, they came around for a landing and selected reverse on both engines. You might remember that, by a rather poor design, the canopy was mechanically locked by two pins that went into receivers at either end of the canopy frame. It was possible to lock the canopy without the pins being properly seated and the canopy could open in flight.
         On this flight, the canopy opened on take-off, and the front seater's map bag fell out and went into the left engine and damaged the pitch reverse on that engine. Therefore with working reverse only on the #2 engine, during landing the aircraft departed the runway and cart-wheeled on it's wing tips and nose in the elephant grass. It must have been a real exciting ride. Had the two pilots ejected as they said they started to do, they probably would have parallelled the ground and ruined their whole day, but by riding it out they were able to walk away.

    From A Variety Of Sources
  • Chet Wilson Of The NJ Naval Museum
  • Ben Xe Moi From Dave Richardson
  • The Watch Tower A Pic From Dave Richardson
  • 12 In The Air Over Southern California - From Dave Richardson
  • Black Pony Corral - The Flightline At Binh Thuy - Dennis Poledna Sends
  • Why The VC Didn't Sleep Well At Night - Dennis Poledna Sends
  • Task Force #116 Patch - Source Unknown
  • Bill Allison Sends Ray Hartfield, Bill Allison & Vern Morelius
  • Bill And Friends Cleaning The Hootch
  • Don Reithknecht Sends The Night Pony Jeep
  • A Bronco Praying For Forgiveness - Source Unknown
  • These Need Some More Work, But For Now Here Is A Copy Of The Change Of Command Ceremony Program From March 3, 71 When Commander Porter Assumed Command From Commander Rausch:
  • Front Cover
  • First Page - The Program
  • Second Page - Commander Rausch's Bio
  • Third Page - Commander Porter's Bio
  • Fourth Page - Overview Of VAL-4
  • Maps
  • Map Of South Vietnam
  • Map Of South East Asia
  • Map Of TheVung Tau Area And The Saigon Shipping Channel Area Including The Rung Sat Special Zone
  • Map Of The Mekong Delta

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