Light Attack Squadron Four (VAL-4)
"Black Ponies"
Squadron Insignia And Nickname

WaspThe Squadron's Original Yellow Jacket Patch Was Approved By The CNO On March 7, 1969. The Insignia Depicted A North American Predatory "Yellow Jacket" Wasp With Silver Wings Stinging An Exploding Target With A Lightning Bolt From It's Stinger. The Wasp Was Placed Over Four Black Stylized Aircraft With Yellow Contrails On A Red Background. The White Underlying Scroll Enclosed The Words "Light Atkron Four" In Black Lettering.

On July 14, 1971 The CNO Approved A Modification To The Squadron's Insignia That Incorporated The Aircraft "Bronco" Nickname And The Squadron Callsign. The Wasp Was Replaced By A Rearing

Black Pony

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