Both Bronco Prints Are Available

                 2003 Release

       Black Pony #103 And Black Pony #113 Were Featured
       In A Painting And A Limited Edition 24" X 18" Print Of
       That Painting Is Now Available For $45 + $5 Shipping.
       300 Prints Have Been Signed, Numbered And Can Be
       Purchased. E-Mail Tim Sikorski For Information. Hope
       You Are Successful

                   1990 Release

       For The Squadron Reunion Held At NAS Pensacola, Florida
       In 1990 Capt. Bob Ramussen USN (Ret) Was Commissioned To
       Paint A Picture Of An OV10A. Capt. Ramussen's Original
       Painting Hangs In The Museum. Reprints Signed By The Artist
       And All Five Squadron Commanding Officers Quickly Sold Out
       And No Reprints Are Planned.
       News Flash!!!
       The National Naval Aviation Museum In Pensacola
       Recently Located 147 Of The Original Prints That They
       Had Mis-Located. Prints Can Be Purchased From The Museum
       Gift Shop By Calling 1-800-247-6289. They Are $75 Which
       Includes Postage. Ask For The "Bronco Print"