The Black Pony Goat Locker
AMHC John Conroy 
ADCS Joe Crosson 
ATC Bill Garrett 
ADJC Chuck Henning 
AOC Jim Johnson 
AOC Jim Millard (center) 
ADJC Rich Sorrell 
Chief Old Timer 
Plankowners Making Chief In-Country
ADJC Rich Schaefer 
AMHC Fred Revell 
AMHC Jean Vargo 
AMHC John Davis 
PNC Ernie Pizzaro 
PRC Ernie Withers 
Chiefs That Followed
AMSC Ken Crabtree (Center) 
ATC Bob Lippert 
ADJC Ray Radford 
AMSC Bill Torman 
ADC Bill O'Neal 
ADCS Tom Meikle 
ADJC Harry Howard 
ADJC Pulliam Taylor 
ADRC Bob Hoyle 
AEC Dave Devine 
AOC Cecil Bostick (Made Chief In-Country) 
AOC Don Harris 
YNC Ron Prescott 
AOC Chester Langlois 
AOC Chuck Lindsey and Ralph 
AOC Eldon Pipes 
ATC Ron Schiermeister 
ADJC S. "Johnnie" Johnson - died while serving. 
Need pictures of:
Plankowner ADJC John Plank 
ADCS Tom Wilson 
ADJC Burdett Storch 
ADJC Bill Rumpf 
AEC Milburn Hedrick 
AMHC Ed Heath 
AMHC Frank Parker Jr. 
AMHC Everett Phillips 
AMHC John Yaworsky 
AMSC Ron Regan 
AOC Norman Corley 
AOC Edgar Webb 
ATC Rich Francis 
YNC Carl Huckleberry 
YNC Rich Stuhr 
YNC Charles Roan 
Better pictures of those pictured above gladly accepted. Please scan photos at a resolution of at least 300px by 300px. I can scan and return photos to anyone that has some they would like added to the collection - and they don't have to be just Chief pictures. All VAL-4 Black Pony pictures gladly accepted. 
If I we missed any Chiefs, let me know. Winds, Bob 
Email: Bob