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Light Attack Squadron Four Videos
THE BLACK PONY STORY ~ Compiled by the 1997 Reunion Committee  

National Archives Videos

✈✈ I located a bunch of VAL-4 movie clips available from the National Archives. Jim Falls took the time and effort to travel to the National Archive Facility in College Park, Maryland and over a four day period using a borrowed camcorder he recorded all of the VAL-4 films available.
✈✈ Jim's Report: 'After reading through the description of each film that was listed, and a few more that I found, I narrowed the copying to 25 films. Still, there is quite a bit of duplication of activity, but I wanted to record as many faces as possible. Even in the 25 I copied there is duplication and some of the original filming jumped around. The majority of the films were shot in 1969, although there is a very good one shot in 1970 and three that were made in September of 1971. The one I really wanted to copy could not be found, even after the National Archives did an extensive facility and system search; it was never received at Archives ll and I was told it just "doesn't exist in the system" anymore. According to the listing, it was a patchwork of various other films put together.'
✈✈ 'Seeing the faces as I remember people 45+ years ago was an experience; I suspect you'll have a similar feeling. A suggestion that could add to this project...ask our guys if they have any film (Super 8 for example) they took while in VAL-4. I know "Flash" Leeburn filmed from the cockpit, so there may be some other O's who did as well. - Jim
Note: To save disc space on the website, all videos are now on YouTube. Winds, Bob
Disc 1 Side 1 March 25, 1969
First 3.5 minutes are dark and quircky - be patient. Saigon and Binh Thuy Arrivals
Disc 1 Side 2 April 5, 1969
Squadron arrives in Vietnam. Briefings in Vung Tau; unloading trucks and stowing equipment; planes craned off the boats, opened and towed to the flight line for un-cocooning in Vung Tau.
Disc 2 Side 1 April 8, 1969
Vung Tau loading and unwrapping continues.
Disc 2 Side 2 April 6, 1969
Vung Tau: Engine Run - crew brief - Skipper Winans leads flight of 5 Broncos to Binh Thuy
Disc 3 Side 1 April 9, 1969
Vung Tau - Depreservation and getting the planes ready.
Disc 3 Side 2 April 12, 1969
Skipper Winans and Ltjg. Jeff Johnson go flying. Loading M-60s. Pre & Post Flight activities at Binh Thuy
Disc 4 Side 1
Binh Thuy: Pre & Post flight activity
Disc 4 Side 2
Binh Thuy: Grey Broncos and some PBR stuff.
Disc 5 Side 1 September 11, 1971
Binh Thuy - grey Broncos - AO Lesson 4 - How to muscle phque a Zuni pod without getting a hernia.

Light Attack Squadron Four ~ Filmed By Navy Camera Crews

Black Ponies arrive at Tan Son Nhut AB in Saigon #1
More of the arrival at Tan Son Nhut #2 ~ Enhanced Version
The MPs speak & spending the night #3
Briefing in the chapel at Binh Thuy #4
#103 & #104 ~ Start ~ Taxi ~ Take-off #5
Same planes, different angle #6
Grey 101 & 2 other grey birds go flying #7  And Part 2 #8
106 (Grey) taxis in #9
Critical Past TF-116 VAL-4 Videos found on the net ~ Clip 1 ~ Clip 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Quest For Clips ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone has any movies that they took of VAL-4 in Vietnam, please Email: Bob so we can get them added to the website.

VAL-4 Home Movies ~ converted to a computer-usable format.

Ballard Family Video

Mark Spedding's Videos

Light Attack Squadron Four
Part 1
Part 2
Vung Tau Detachment
Providence Orphanage
Ben Xe Moi

Bill Pippin's Videos

First ~ Second ~ Third ~ Fourth ~ Fifth ~ Sixth

Plankowner Dave Erck's 2010 Return To Binh Thuy Videos

Plankowner ATN Dave Erck made several trips back to Vietnam in 2010 and had a chance to return to the Can Tho - Binh Thuy area. He sent me some videos he took of where we used to live and work. The Air Force Base at Binh Thuy is on the way to become the new Can Tho Airport - but still looks familiar. The aviation side of the Navy Base no longer exists - which is apparent on Google Earth. The PBR side of the base is now a fish cannery and retains some items from it's US Navy days - like the tracks they used to pull boats out of the water on.

✈✈ Binh Thuy Navy Base

    In the first video Dave filmed around the entry to the aviation side of NSA Binh Thuy and continues into the PBR side which is now a cannery and the Basac River boat ride he took past the base.

✈✈ Brown Water Navy Boats

    Still being used by the local citizens as workboats - seen along the river during Dave's travels.

✈✈ Binh Thuy Air Force Base

    The road towards the Air Force Base and what is now the Can Tho International Airport.

✈✈ The New Can Tho Bridge

    The old way to get from Can Tho to Saigon was by ferry. Since the Japanese built a bridge over the Basac near Can Tho, the commute is much quicker.

Other OV10 Videos On YouTube

OV10 In Perspective

Bronco Landing Gear Tests Test 1 ~ Test 2

These are the "washboard" videos filmed in 1967. The wingspan of the prototype YOV-10s was 30' ~ 10 feet shorter than the 'A' models VAL-4 flew in Vietnam.

North American Rockwell 'Bronco' Weaponry

1968 Operations On The U.S.S. J.F.K. - from Avhistbuff

Broncos ~ out of retirement and back to work.

North American Rockwell OV-10A

OV10A Mekong Delta Mission

Bronco Association USMC Display Aircraft

Bronco Creators K.P. Rice & Bill Beckett from Jami Clayman

The Bronco


NSA Binh Thuy RVN

Last but not least ☀ Black Pony Slide Show

A photo slideshow I compiled now in .mp4 format ~ set to music of the time.