Vietnam Service Medal & Devices

     The Vietnam Service Medal And Ribbon Were Awarded To All Members Of The United States Armed Forces Serving In Vietnam And The Contiguous Waters Or Airspace Thereover And To Members Of The Armed Forces Of The United States In Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Or The Airspace Thereover For More Than Thirty Consecutive Days, Or Sixty Non-Consecutive Days Between November 15, 1961 And March 28, 1973, Or From April 29, 1975 To April 30, 1975.
     The Department Of Defense Established A Number Of Campaigns During The Vietnam War And The U.S. Navy Acknowledges Seventeen Of Them. For Those Service Members Participating In One Or More Campaigns, A Service Star Is Required On The Vietnam Service Ribbon Or Medal. A Silver Service Stars Is Issued In Lieu Of Five Bronze Stars.
     I Joined VAL-4 In-Country In June Of 1969 And Departed In February Of 1971. As Such I Participated In Four Campaigns And My Vietnam Service Ribbon Resembles The One Pictured Above. In 2004, I Submitted A Request To The Navy For An Update Of The Awards And Decs I Was Allowed To Wear; The Form 1650 They Sent Back Shows That Four Devices Were Authorized.
     If You Served In In Vietnam In A Unit Other Than The Black Ponies Or Were Stationed Outside Of Vietnam In One Of The Authorized Areas, Or If You Served On Board A Ship In The Authorized Area Then You Should Be Awarded Additional Devices.
     Here Is A Link To A PDF That Provides More Information And All Of The Department Of Defense Recognized Campaigns.
     The Seventeen Campaigns Recognized By The Navy Are:
1. Vietnam Advisory Campaign (15 March 1962- 7 March 1965)
2. Vietnam Defense Campaign (8 March-24 December 1965)
3. Vietnamese Counteroffensive (25 December 1965- 30 June 1966
) 4. Vietnamese Counteroffensive (1 July 66-31 May 67) Phase II
5. Vietnamese Counteroffensive (1 June 67-29 Jan 68)Phase III
6. Tet Counteroffensive (30 January-l April 1968)
7. Vietnamese Counteroffensive (2 April-30 June 1968) Phase IV
8. Vietnamese Counteroffensive (1 July-l November 1968) Phase V
9. Vietnamese Counteroffensive (2 Nov 68- 22 Feb 69) Phase VI
10. Tet 69/Counteroffensive (23 February-8 June 1969)
11. Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969 (9 June-31 October 1969)
12. Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970 (1 November 1969-30 April 1970)
13. Sanctuary Counteroffensive (1 May-30 June 1970)
14. Vietnamese Counteroffensive (l July 70-30 June 71) Phase VII
15. Consolidation I (1 Jul 1971 - 30 Nov 1971)
16. Consolidation II (1 Dec 1971 - 29 Mar 1972)
17. Vietnam Ceasefire Campaign (30 Mar 1972 - 28 Jan 1973)

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