October 2015

More than a half-century has passed since the United States began its long military engagement in Southeast Asia, a conflict known to history as the Vietnam War. During the 50th anniversary of that conflict, five military historical nonprofit organizations representing each service branch - the Air Force Historical Foundation, the Army Historical Foundation, the Foundation for Coast Guard History, Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, and the Naval Historical Foundation - are sponsoring conferences involving scholars and veterans from around the world to gain a better understanding of the service and sacrifice of the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, and Airmen who fought that war. These five partners held Violent Skies: The Air War Over Vietnam Symposium that focussed on the air war over Vietnam.

The OV-10 Panel


Panel members preparing to present a paper on the concept, design and implementation of the OV-10 Bronco at the Violent Skies: Air War Over Vietnam symposium at the National Defense University in Washington, DC on October 15, 2015. This paper is the most comprehensive study of the OV-10 written to date. The project was lead by OV-10 Bronco Assocaition member Ashby Shoop. Pictured L to R: Ashby Shoop (VMO-1 & VMO-6), Ed Sullivan (VAL-4), Jim Hodgson (VMO-3) Mike McCollum (VMO-2), Chuck Burin (VMO-2), Tom Kemp (23 TASS) and Rick Atchison (23 TASS). The symposium was presented by the historical foundations from each branch of the services. The paper will be added to each group's archives as well as the Texas Tech Vietnam War Center.

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