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Presentation downloads are available from the Vietnam War 50th Commemoration website. Partner applicaions, guides and other resource matrerial is also available. I've included links here to download some of the materials.

  1. Commemoration Fact Sheet
  2. Commemoration Map
  3. U.S. Military in Vietnam: Air Force Fact Sheet
  4. U.S. Military in Vietnam: Army Fact Sheet
  5. U.S. Military in Vietnam: Coast Guard Fact Sheet
  6. U.S. Military in Vietnam: Marines Fact Sheet
  7. U.S. Military in Vietnam: Navy Fact Sheet
  8. Poster: African-Americans in Vietnam
  9. Poster: Air Force Patches
  10. Poster: Army Patches
  11. Poster: Coast Guard Patches
  12. Poster: Marine Patches
  13. Poster: Navy Patches
  14. Poster: Military Nurses
  15. Poster: Riverine Operations in the Mekong Delta
  16. Poster: U.S. Service Women In Vietnam
  17. Poster: The Road To War
  18. Poster: War Statistics
  19. Fact Sheet: Lapel Pin

Dept. of Defense Vietnam War Commemoration Website.